Access Control

These systems provide added security by securing access to certain areas using digital keypads, proximity cards and electromgnetic door locks, just to name a few. 

Electromagnetic Door Locks

  • For Interior Doors, Perimeter Exit Doors and Entrances that Require Failsafe Emergency Release Capability
  • Easy to Install and use
  • Quick Operation


  • E-941SA-600PQ: 600lb. (272kgs) holding force.
  • Anodized aluminum housing.
  • Dual voltage: 12 or 24 VDC (selectable).
  • No residual magnetism.
  • Detachable faceplate.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket.
  • Built-in bond sensor relay output.
  • Built-in 2-color status LED.
  • MOV surge protection.
  • Magnet dimensions: 9-7/8 x 1-1/16 x 1-5/8 (250 x 26 x 40 mm)
  • Armature plate dimensions: 7-1/4 x 1/2 x 1-1/2 (185 x 12 x 38 mm)
  • Complete mounting hardware included.
  • “L” and “Z” brackets available for easy mounting.
  • CE approved and UL listed.

Electronic Keypad

  • Easy to Operate
  • Security, Restrict Access to Unauthorised Areas

The ENFORCER Access Control Keypad is more than just another pretty face. Behind the Access Control Digital Keypad attractive stainless steel faceplate and the soft glow of its blue backlit keypad are programmable features that offer the very best in protection. The keypad has 3 independently wired LEDs, 3 Outputs, 120 user codes and many in-demand programming options. The keypad boasts 4 alarm outputs, a “mantrap” feature, a door auto-relock feature, plus much more, making it best and brightest.

  • 120 Users,
  • 3 Outputs,
  • Backlit Keypad
  • 3 Outputs: 

        -Main relay

        -Aux. relay

        -Transistor ground output

  • 120 unique 4-8 digit codes, 10,000 possible user code combinations.
  • Stainless-steel face, durable and attractive.
  • Easily delete individual codes.
  • Programmable lockout or duress output after
  • 5-10 unsuccessful attempts to key in code.
  • Programmable output relay activation buzzer.
  • Relay output inhibit control.
  • Auto or manual code entry checking:

        – Auto mode: No # key required after each code.

        – Manual mode: # key must be pressed after every code.

  • Egress input: Lets users exit the protected premises without keying in the code.
  • Built-in tamper (N.C.) circuit.
  • EEPROM memory: Prevents data loss.
  • Power: 12-24V AC/DC.
  • Backlit Keyboard is easy to use at night.
  • 3 LEDs that can be wired as needed.
  • Door-propped-open warning.
  • Alarm output: Trigger an optional alarm control panel if a protected door is forced open.
  • Mantrap – For a protected area with 2 doors, this feature allows only 1 door to be open at any time.
  • Door auto relock.
  • Duress output: The keypad will signal a silent alarm if an authorized user is forced to open the door under duress.
  • Keypad active output: Activates for 10 seconds when any key on the keypad is pressed to trigger a video recorder, turn on a light or signal a guard.

Proximity Cards

  • Allow secure transactions off-line, reducing the cost for online networks
  • They are much more durable and reliable

Simple installation, quick programming, and high reliability

  • Stand-alone Proximity Card Reader.
  • Use in small businesses, homes, gates/parking structures, apartments and other locations.
  • Sealed and weatherproof (IP67). Mounts easily to interior and exterior walls.
  • Attractive tri-color wave shaped LEDs status bar indicates proximity reader’s mode and status.
    • Blue – On/Valid Card Indicator
    • Green – Programming Mode
    • Red – Invalid Card

The ENFORCER Proximity Reader provides a flexible solution for controlled access. The stylish case and small size make it ideal for use in offices, homes, and apartments. The wave-shaped tri-color LED status bar accents the case design.