These systems provide added security by securing access to certain areas using finger and handprint scans, just to name a few. Our biometric line can also help in time and attendance management, by incorporating clock in and clock out times.


Enhance Security

Restrict Access to Offices, Work Areas, etc.

Time Attendance

No more manually adding hours or making sure employess are honest

Cost Effective

No more replacing or purchasing new Access Cards or ID Badges, Lost Keys or Passwords

Finger Print Reader

A fingerprint scanner is used to match the biometrics of a person with an identification mark, their fingerprint. Fingerprints are completely unique to each individual and no two are alike. This uniqueness makes fingerprint scanning excellent for security and identification purposes.


  • 3,5″ TFT Color LCD Screen
  • 6,000 Fingerprint Template
  • 100,000 Transaction Log
  • Authentication Mode : 1:1 (Fingerprint Only), 1:N (ID/Card + Fingerprint), ID+Password, Fingerprint & Password, Card Only
  • 8 Function Key
  • Support Fast Key / Short Cut Key
  • 15 ID Digit Length
  • Integration (Optional) : RFID Proximity Module, RFID Mifare Module, HID Proximity Module & HID iClass Module, Printer
  • Communication : RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, Wiegand In, Wiegand Out, WIFI, USB Flas Disk, Modem (Optional)
  • Identification Time : 1,4 Second
  • Verification Time : 1 Second
  • FAR : 0,0001%
  • FRR : 0,1%
  • Messaging Function
  • Advertisement Function
  • Back Light Keypad
  • Keypad Support Numeric and Alphabetical
  • ICON Menu
  • System Info using Color Graphical

Palm Reader

The need to identify people is as old as humankind. People recognize each other by sight and sound. However, in today’s complex society, it’s impossible to personally know everyone and as a consequence, systems rely on recognizing a credential rather than the individual. Our HandPunch time and attendance systems recognize people-not credentials-using physical characteristics of hand geometry to identify an individual. They assure that “you are you”.

A known example of payroll fraud is when one employee punches in for another employee. This is also referred to as, “Buddy punching”. Did you know that 5 minutes of an employees time is equal to 1% of their daily pay? 5 minutes here and there can quickly add up to lost revenue. Improved payroll accuracy is guaranteed by the elimination of “buddy-punching.” This means that your payroll is free of time fraud thereby lowering labor costs and giving you a fast return on your investment. Your costs are further reduced since you can eliminate badges. With the HandPunch, your hand is your badge.

As a multi-technology company, GSMSecure is uniquely qualified as a consultant to help our customers apply the right technology to their application. We have products to fit your needs as well as your budget.

Eye Reader

Iris scans analyze the features that exist in the coloured tissue surrounding the pupil which has more than 200 points that can be used for comparison, including rings, furrows and freckles. The scans use a regular video camera style and can be done from further away than a retinal scan. It will work through glasses fine and in fact has the ability to create an accurate enough measurement that it can be used for identification purposes, and not just verification.

The user places himself so that he can see his own eye’s reflection in the device. The user may be able to do this from up to 2 feet away or may need to be as close as a couple of inches depending on the device. Verification time is generally less than 5 seconds, though the user will only need to look into the device for a couple moments.

To prevent a fake eye from being used to fool the system, these devices may vary the light shone into the eye and watch for pupil dilation.