Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

Know within seconds if someone has broken into your home or office.

Our GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm System sends an alarm SMS or dials up to six predetermined numbers in sequence, as soon as an unauthorized entry or fire has been detected. 

An interactive security system that provides two way communication via your phone. 

Our Wireless Burglar Alarm System means:

No wires

No expensive Installation

No redecorating

No monitoring fees

You can set your alarm to notify your security company or even family members. 
Additional Protection can be linked to the main alarm systems without any wires and is provided by any combination of:

  • Movement Sensors
  • Vibration Sensors 
  • Doors and window Sensors
  • Fire Sensors
  • Smoke Detectors and Sirens 

Main Features

  • Up to 150 meters transmitting range allowing you to cover the biggest of houses, offices and external buildings such as warehouses and garages.

  • Unlike conventional alarm systems there are no wires, no expensive installation charges and no redecorating necessary.

  • Can monitor up to 40 Defense Zones: 32 Wires and 8 Wireless, where users can arm and disarm defense zones separately.

  • In addition to the standard movement, window and door sensors this alarm is also compatible with our wireless gas, wireless smoke detectors, wireless panic buttons and many other wireless access.
  • Program up to 6 telephone numbers (mobile and/or land line).

  • If the alarm is activated the system will automatically dial your preprogrammed telephone numbers alerting the recipients with your own 10 second pre-recorded message.

  • To Activate/Deactivate is as simple as pressing a button with the supplied wireless remote controls.

  • The wireless remote controls incorporates a panic button which is linked to the alarm system.

  • Remotely Activate/Deactivate by dialing the alarm system using any land-line telephone or mobile number.
  • No phone line required, simply insert the supplied SIM card into the control panel.

  • No complicated alarm codes, keys or control panel to contend
  • Remotely listen in from your mobile phone or any phone from anywhere in the world. (International Roaming Required). (OPTIONAL)

  • Additional sensors and/or detectors can be easily added at anytime making the system fully expandable.
  • Disable selected alarmed zones ideal when you are occupying the property but still require protected windows, doors or rooms.

  • The built-in battery backup allows the alarm to function for 36 hours in the event there is loss of power.


Door/ Window Sensor

Wireless for easy installation and use

Mounts on most doors and windows

Wireless communication to CPU up to 100ft.

Motion Sensor

Wireless communication to CPU up to 100ft.

Up to 35 ft (10 -12 m) range of Detection.

Smoke Detector

Wireless for easy installation & use.
Wireless communication to CPU up to 100ft.

Place in any room of house.

Vibration Sensor

Wireless for easy installation & use.

Detecting area: Vertically – 60 degrees, horizontally – 110 degrees.

Wireless communication to CPU up to 100ft.

Wireless Panic Button/ Medical Alerts

Once the panic button is pressed, an audible alarm would sound plus dial the preset number in sequence.

Wireless Communication to CPU up to 150ft.

Wireless IR Perimeter Fence

Easily Integrated into existing system.

Wireless communication to CPU (with ranges up to 100m).

Intruders cannot jump over or crawl to evade the infrared bundle.

No false alarms when insects, leaves or small animal pass by.

Wireless Remote Control

4 Button Control for Arm / Disarm / Bypass / Panic

Wireless communication to CPU from 150ft to 200ft.