Fire Alarm Systems

Protect your people and property with a fire alarm system from GSMSecure. Choose from our extensive selection of fire alarm systems which range from manual to complex and integrated. Our team can design a solution to meet your specific needs.

Components of a Fire Alarm System

Control Panel

continuously monitors the detectors for signs of fire. Carries out a range of activities whenever a fire condition is detected, such as:  

  • Notify the fire service
  • Sound the evacuation alarms 
  • Notify the building management 
  • Close fire and smoke doors

Primary Power Supply

usually 124 V or 240 V AC

Secondary Power Supply/ Back up

usually lead-acid batteries in case the primary power source fails.

Initiating Devices

Manual (pull stations)

Automatic (smoke detectors)


      Heat detectors

Smoke detectors

Flame detectors

Beam detectors 

Alerting Devices