GSM Gate Opener

Most crimes such as kidnappings, vehicular theft, and armed robberies, occur while you wait for your automatic gate to open.

With the GSM GATE OPENER, you open and close your gate from your phone and just drive straight in.

Let your phone be your gate’s remote control. Eliminate the need and the expense of providing additional remote controls for everyone.

  • No more lost remote controls to replace.
  • No more purchasing additional remotes for your family members or new employees.
  • No more batteries to replace in your remote controls.
  • No more family, friends, or someone waiting in front of your gate while you locate your remote control.



No more waiting in front of your automatic gate for it to open or close – Just drive straight in or out.


 You can add or remove a number in a minute with an SMS. The system accepts up to 64 programmed numbers.


Stop spending money to provide everyone with a remote control. Let him/her use their mobile phone as a universal remote.


When leaving the house, we check 3 things: Keys, Wallet and most importantly your Phone. Your phone will always be with you at all times, no matter what.

Who Needs It?

  • Home Owners
  • Businesses
  • Condominiums
  • Villas
  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Hospitals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does it Work?

The GSM Gate Opener incorporates a professional industrial grade GSM engine that receives calls at on its SIM number, as any ordinary GSM phone. The system operates in the 900/1800 MHZ. Just to give an example, if your SIM has a phone number 711-1111, that is, the number you have to call to open the gate. The system has a memory where you will store the numbers of people enabled to open your gate (up to 64). When the Gate Opener receives a call, it will check the calling number and if the number is in the list you have prepared, it will reject the call and open the gate.

Does it work with any electric gate?

Yes. All electric gates have a button that is used to open them. The gate opener has a relay whose contact has to be connected to the opening button. Actually it pushes the button in your place.

Does it cost me anything to use my phone to open my gate?

The system does not answer the call, it simply checks the caller ID. Your network must send the caller ID otherwise the Gate Opener will not work. Usually operators do not charge until you answer the call, of course you need to have an active SIM card inside the system.

How can I enable different phone numbers to open my gate?

To store a number, you simply send an SMS text message, that starts with a password, to the Gate Opener, indicating the phone number to enable, and its position in the list. Numbers are stored in the system’s memory and not on the SIM. This prevents someone from removing the SIM to copy all the numbers into a mobile phone.

Only the one who knows the password can insert or delete enabled phone numbers.

What is the maximum working distance?

The GSM Gate Opener does not have limitations like a normal remote control. Using a mobile phone or land line, you can open your gate from anywhere, even from another country ( International Roaming Required ). It is really convenient to arrive in front of your home when the gate is already open, without having to wait in the middle of the road.

How many different phones can open my gate?

The GSM Gate Opener accepts up to 64 phone numbers under its White List.