High Security Fencing

High security fencing is designed to provide maximum protection against a variety of threats such as intrusion and mitigation of collateral damage since it deters, delays and even detects intruders. We offer fencing for residential, industrial and commercial security applications.  

High Security Fencing delivers integrated perimeter security and combines anti-ram barrier protection with aesthetic appeal. Its uniform appearance means that it won’t draw attention to any vulnerable parts of a site. Our anti-cut fencing is designed to further deter intruders with its tightly fabricated design. Also, it is almost impossible to for intruders to get a grip on our fencing with its anti-climb technology.

For projects that require maximum perimeter security, consider our high security fencing that combats cutting and climbing.

However, high security fencing alone cannot solve all your security concerns. The most effective solution is to integrate a number of technologies in order to prevent unauthorised access onto your property.  

Easy to Install

High Longevity