Home Automation Systems

Control your home from anywhere!

For additional real-time security, convenience and control, you should install a Home Automation System. Home automation allows you to control your devices in your home from any mobile device, anywhere in the world just by the push of a button! Almost all your devices can be connected to and managed in one easy to use, remotely controlled system.

With Home Automation, individual devices can be scheduled to or automatically perform specific tasks. For example: they can be powered down during hours of the day when they’re not needed, when they are scheduled to do so or if a certain event occurs.

Saves You Energy

Reliable and Fast Automation

Compatible with almost any device

Ensures your property is safe and secure

Examples of Tasks and Devices Home Automation can be used for:

  • Lights- Turn on, off or dim
  • Electrical Outlets
  • Air condition units- turn on or off, lower temperature etc.
  • Security Alarm System- Allows you access to your security surveillance cameras, Arm or disarm security system
  • TVs- Turn on or off
  • Smoke detectors and other sensors
  • Window shades/ blinds- Open or close
  • Door Locks- Lock and unlock
  • Speakers and other audio equipment
  • Detect vehicles entering or leaving driveway